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Willing to spread the message and educate others!

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Willing to spread the message and educate others!

Post  spliffmon on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:46 pm


Well I've been educating myself lately about everything that is happening in the world. I've been understanding our government and how they work. I believe in the greater good of humanity. Working with each other for a better tomorrow. We shouldn't live with possessions and greed. Everything we ever need in our lives is with mother nature, but they want to control it. They want to be the big man on top of the pyramid. We are the slaves and prisoners of society. We need to wake people up that is blinded by this conspiracy! The government is a bunch of lies. The justice system is all screwed up. So I will do my best, with my artistic talents, to map out ideas. I will educate others that it will take each and every one of us to accomplish our goal; TO BE FREE!


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