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Ignorance is no excuse... find out for ourselves right!

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Ignorance is no excuse... find out for ourselves right!

Post  Idea's Guy on Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:43 pm

Always thought BRAIL on promissory notes was a good idea. Just a note to introduce my responsible self to this forum. Hallo everyone I do expect the good love of our planet to prevail soon for us all.
Does anyone else agree with the voice Anonymous on YouTube?, because I feel I could stand under the voice of us the masses as it would be loud and clear like a music festival or something and I know the voices of the inner circles elite few like my father, an ex-banker/ Masonic Mentor, there can only be whispers with them. Or my dad's case near silence (Pain in the***). I want this old in-equal system blown wide open to expose the truth of our birth rights. If we are all to live under legalese, if we are to live in debt, if we are to pay for wars without our consent, if we are to belittle human rights etc., we should be taught it in school right? I only want freedom of and truthful information from the start.
Knowledge IS power but only the many can handle such a responsibility.

I know a CUSIP number is used on the stock market it is given to business/corporations to identify a particular security or commodity, so why does a CUSIP number appear on a birth certificate? (C ommittee on U niform S ecurities I dentification P rocedures) We are seen as just stock or bonds. Disgraceful inhuman behaviour that's why I am here to help us all expose the bad & bring the good idea's back to the world table for
Peace 'n' Love in our time. Anyone else think births are just a chits to a bank an IOU?
Well I think they owe us.

Idea's Guy

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birth certificate number

Post  changethefuture222 on Wed May 23, 2012 11:22 pm

do "they" do this in other countries or is it only the u.s.a. if so what countries are doing it


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